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Auto fittings

These fittings are only offered in blue, black and clear anodized finishes. Specialty AN fittings make installation quick and easy and will compliment your under hood appeal. These fuel fittings are precisely manufactured for a quick and easy installation. Carbureted Fuel Injected Misc. Twist-Lok adapter fittings are easy to assemble and work with any Russell AN adapter or carburetor fittings.

Russell Twist-Lok adapter fittings are available in blue anodize. Engineered for maximum flow and a secure fit, these adapters allow easy plumbing for your turbo's oil and water hoses.

If you do not have this installed you can download it by clicking the icon. Installation Instructions for Accessories. Adapters are offered in standard thread, metric thread and pipe thread to fit most popular oil pumps, fuel pumps, fuel filters plus a variety of other common components. To compliment the looks of the hose installation, three finishes are available - ultra-bright Endura, traditional blue anodized or our new black anodized fittings.

Power Steering. Learn More.See all 34 photos. Before you know it, an hour has passed and you're still searching through several coffee cans full of fittings for the last one needed to complete the chore, but nothing seems to fit. In desperation, you jam a couple of fittings together with enough Teflon tape to bandage your head, but your rod now leaks like the Valdez. So you're off to the local parts house where the kid behind the counter wants to know the make, model, and year of the car, and if it has air conditioning.

Automotive Fittings Explained

He then points you to a cabinet full of fittings, most of which are in the wrong bins, and now the challenge is to figure out what is compatible with what, so you waste even more time trying to make things screw together. When it comes to automotive fittings, the possible combinations will melt your brain, but thanks to the help of Gary Clausen and Jason Hofman of Pure Choice Motorsports, we're going to explain the most common fittings and show what they look like.

Unlike the threads on a screw, or other fittings for that matter, pipe threads are tapered. Because of the taper, a pipe can only screw into a fitting a certain distance before it begins to jam.

When dealing with pipe fittings, figuring out the proper size can be confusing. At one time, size was determined by the pipe's internal diameter-a misconception that continues today, even among some of those who sell the stuff for a living.

With this system, pipe size does not agree with either the inside diamter id or ouside diameter odor thread pitch. While NPTF fittings are supposed to make a leak-proof mechanical seal, some sort of sealer-such as Teflon tape or Teflon-based paste-is usually advisable.

When using either, use caution so as not to get either inside the assembly. The best way to do this is to stay off the first two threads. Inverted Flare One of the most common types of fittings found on automobiles is the SAE double inverted flare.

It is unique in that the flare is doubled, or folded back on itself, for increased strength and resistance to cracking.

The tube flare is clamped between the nut and flare seat of body when screwed together so when the assembly is tightened, a leak-proof metal-to-metal joint is created and no sealer is necessary. Typical inverted flare applications are brakes, power steering, fuel, and transmission cooler lines. These connections are vibration-resistant and when used with the proper tubing will withstand working pressure up to 2, psi with burst pressures up to 5, psi.

SAE Degree Flare Found on instruments, power steering, and some hydraulic not brakes and fuel lines, these differ from inverted design in that a single flare is used. Care should be used during installation as over tightening can cause the tubing to split. Compression Fittings Intended for low- and medium-pressure applications, compression fittings are easy to assemble because they do not require flaring or soldering.

A sleeve is used over the tubing, and when the nut is tightened, the wedging action of sleeve between body and nut create a tight, leak-free connection. Often used on instruments, and some air and hydraulic lines, compression fittings are used on a variety of tubing materials; however, they should never be used on brakes.

Brake-Fitting Adapters Hydraulic brake-fitting adapters can be used to connect brake lines to different size ports in a dual master cylinder, combine different types of fitting-such as inverted flare, pipe, and AN-or to mix standard and metric fittings. AN Fittings Conventional automotive lines and fittings use degree double flares; AN lines and fittings use degree single flares.

With the AN system, a dash number is assigned to each different size metal tubing and the corresponding fittings, and the same numbers are also assigned to the hose and their ends. Another application of degree flares will be found on JIC hydraulic fittings. AN fittings are often found on street rods in combination with pipe and inverted flare fittings, which means special adapters are required. Suppliers, such as Pure Choice Motorsports, can supply such fittings as well as lines, individual parts, or complete kits.

Adapters Look long and hard enough and you're likely to find an adapter to connect just about any two fittings together. However, keep in mind that when it comes to brakes, only degree double-flare or degree AN components should be used. Clamp-Style Hose Fittings Clamp-style hose fittings are manufactured for low-pressure applications with multipurpose hose worm-style clamps are good for a maximum of 35 psi.

A hose clamp is required between the raised end of the fitting and the end of the hose.These are some common terms used in the industry when discussing brake fittings. The diagram to the right illustrates the two most common types of fittings used in a typical Street Rod brake system.

auto fittings

The first is the inverted double flare, used by most domestic production cars and trucks. The chart to the right and below will show some of the common AN sizes along with the closest national pipe thread size NPT. National Pipe Thread is a tapered machine thread for threaded pipes and fittings. This common thread can be found on a wide variety of applications from natural gas pipes, plumbing fixtures, hydraulic lines and hoses, and even your car.

We use these in the Street Rod and Racing industries for fluid fittings such as oil lines, brake lines, and coolant lines. NPT threads are tapered to create an interference fit and often use thread tape or thread sealant to form a liquid tight seal without the use of crush washers, O-rings or gaskets. NPT fitting sizing does not refer to the physical dimension of the threads. The sizing chart is in reference to the inside diameter of a schedule 40 black iron pipe.

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Brass Fittings

Videos All Videos. Common Fittings used on a Street Rod. More Info. Related Articles. Koul Tools make it easy to install a braided rubber hose into the AN fitting socket. How to prevent blowing a motor by keeping up with you weekly maintenance routine. Charles reviews how to install oil pressure and water temperature gauges to help prevent issues while racing. For most, an electric fuel pump can be a choice of form over function, but for others, it may be the best option.

In this article, you will learn the advantages of using an electric fuel pump and how to install it in your car. Learn how to assemble AN push-on hose ends the right way. It sounds simple enough, but doing this wrong can cause all number of issues down the road. Learn how to choose the best radiator for your vehicle. Our guide covers key factors to consider when selecting an aftermarket radiator for your street rod. This Chevelle project gets rewired with a 22 circuit wiring kit.

Follow along as Jeff guides you through this application, starting with a good mounting location for the fuse box.

Learn more on continuity, grounding and relays.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Cold Hose is an automotive air conditioning fitting and hose website. All the fittings and hoses are indexed by size and or thread size. Cold hose has weld on barbs, compressor adapters, and much more on the specialty fittings page.

If you need a custom fitting please contact us for more info. We have been in the automotive air conditioning business for over forty years and our website has a lot of knowledge and information which you will see is often copied by other companies.

auto fittings

We pride ourselves on stocking only American made fittings and know that you will appreciate the quality of the fittings as well. Explanation of Reduced Barrier Fittings:. Reduced barrier fittings have the same inner diameter as standard barrier fittings, but the outer diameter is smaller.

In other words the thickness of reduced barrier hose has a reduced outer diameter compared to standard barrier hose. The reduced barrier hose is a thinner wall construction that offers improved flexibility and reduced weight without sacrificing permeation resistance and burst strength. The hose is constructed with a single braid of polyester reinforcement. Cold Hose Search: Search. Please contact us for price and availability of reduced barrier hose.

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auto fittings

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International delivery. United States delivery. We have fittings, valves, hose ends, and plugs in a wide assortment of sizes, materials, and finishes, plus hoses to match in materials ranging from rubber to braided stainless steel.

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